Yuna is known for her killer looks and killer stage presence! As the youngest member, or “maknae,” of ITZY, the K-pop artist attracts so many of the group’s large and growing fanbase. Keep reading for everything we know about Yuna. 

Who Is Yuna?

Born in Suwon, South Korea on December 9, 2003, Yuna is a Sagittarius! Prior to debuting with ITZY, she trained at JYP Entertainment for 3 years and also appeared in BTS’ Highlight Reels in 2017, in which she played Jung Kook‘s love interest.

That same year, nearly the entire lineup of ITZY appeared on the Mnet reality show called Stray Kids, as a project group alongside the boy group that would eventually be named the show’s title.

Who Are Itzy?

ITZY debuted as a girl group under JYP on February 12, 2019, with the release of their album IT’z Different and title track “Dalla Dalla,” which means “Different Different” in Korean. The members include leader YejiLiaRyujinChaeryeong and Yuna.

Known for their impressive choreography and catchy lyrics fueled with girl power, ITZY is a performance-driven standout band.

“Our members were meant to perform,” Lia told Teen Vogue in August 2022. “Individually, their dance skills are awesome. Even when they were trainees, their dancing skills were great.” ITZY’s talents aren’t just limited to dance, either. “All the members are really capable in many ways,” Ryujin explained. “We can be a performance group, but we can try anything and have a great result.”

Ryujin went into detail on exactly what sets each member of ITZY apart.

“All five members are really different,” Ryujin said of the group’s appeal, “and all five are great on the stage.” For example, Chaeryeong’s performance is enigmatic and “she’s good at attracting people,” as Ryujin puts it. “Yeji and I are both strong and charismatic, so we can be a little bit scary on stage,” Ryujin laughed, to which Yeji interjected, “At the same time we’re cool and chic!” As for Lia, her smile is what shines brightest. “It’s really attractive on stage,” Ryujin said, before explaining that Yuna can seamlessly adapt to any concept. “She has her own energy. She can be bright or she can be powerful.”

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