Let's be real. No matter how much of a celebrity expert you are, stars' heights are low-key very deceiving. Seeing them on your TV or iPhone screen isn't quite the same as being in their presence – and someone who is definitely taller than you think is the queen best known as Zendaya. In K.C. Undercover, Z may not seem that much taller than her co-stars. But we're here to tell you – it's the magic of camera angles and smart footwear that makes all the characters even out height-wise. She's actually 5'10" – which leaves her totally standing tall compared to a lot of her famous friends.

Some of our favorite pint-sized celebs like Sabrina Carpenter and Demi Lovato prove that posing next to Z kind of makes you feel like you're standing in a hole. But hey, fabulosity isn't measured in inches. Now join us as we take a look at The Greatest Showman star towering over other stars to truly understand just how tall, glam and perfect she is.

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