If you were holding out hope that Zendaya might return back to the music industry and release some new solo music — welp, your dreams are about to be crushed. Yep, that’s right. The actress unfortunately just confirmed that the music industry just isn’t for her.

“I think the [music] industry takes a little bit of passion away from you,” the Euphoria actress said. “It sucks you dry a little bit. What I thought I wanted, it’s not what I want anymore, [especially] when I think about what I had to deal with in the music industry.”

Fans of the Disney Channel alum know that the Shake It Up star released a self-titled album in 2013 full of bops like “Replay” and “Butterflies.” Plus, she dropped a song with Chris Brown in 2016 called “Something New.” While Z is seemingly putting the solo music behind her — who knows, maybe The Greatest Showman actress will take part in more movie-musicals in the future to give us a taste of her fabulous vocals. Regardless of what she’s planning on for the future, one thing is for sure — she’s choosing her roles wisely.

“If anyone asks my number one advice, for [the entertainment] industry in general but mostly the music industry, it’s look over those contracts, every single word, and don’t sign anything that isn’t worth it to you. You are worth more than they will say that you are,” the 22-year-old star said. “I’m still in the beginning of my career and I don’t have all the power in the world, because at the end of the day, a lot of the power still lies with people who have been making stuff since before I was born, who are one narrative and one color. Now, it’s just about getting to that point where I can do that on my own. If I wait for things to happen, they might not ever happen.”

Whatever Queen Z’s got up her sleeve in the future, we know she’s going to slay whatever project she takes on! But hey, here’s to hoping we get a song or two along the way.

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