From throwing cake to wearing a brown paper bag over their heads, celebrities have gone through great lengths to avoid the paparazzi. And we totally understand why! And as much as we love getting new pics of our favorite stars, we’re definitely not a fan of photographers snapping photos of them if they aren’t comfortable with it. Sometimes, celebs get so fed up with photographers following them around all day, that they actually lash out at the paps!

Take Zendaya, for example. The Shake It Up actress recently got snapped picking up some paint in Los Angeles, and she was not happy about. When she got home, the Disney star took to her Instagram Stories, where she went on a total rant about the paps.

“The one time I decide to leave my house, to get some f–king paint, what happens Darnell?” she asked her friend in the video. He responded, “We end up getting pictures taken by paparazzi!”

Zendaya paparazzi rant

“Nobody ever follows me! Nobody cares where I’m going because I’m never doing anything exciting. I’m painting a wall in my closet, I’m not prepared. I’m not ready. Not a lip gloss, nothing. I was not prepared sis, give me a second!” the brunette beauty added. “A) I honestly do not know where they were because I did not see them. And B) I was not prepared. You know I would serve looks if necessary. Moral of the story is I just shouldn’t leave my house, which is what I wanted anyways.”

And it turns out, she’s not the only one. Stars like Miley Cyrus, Niall Horan, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and more have all also verbally attacked or threatened paparazzi before. Justin Bieber and Louis Tomlinson even got into physical altercations with them!

Scroll through our gallery to see all the times your favorite celebrities have lashed out at paparazzi.

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