Day after day it’s unfabulous — just ask Emma Roberts! The actress starred alongside Malese Jow and Jordan Calloway  in the Nickelodeon series Unfabulouswhich aired on the network for three seasons from September 2004 to December 2007. However, they weren’t the only famous faces who appeared on the series.

Nicole Anderson, Miranda Cosgrove, Bailee Madison, Tyler Blackburn and Hayley Kiyoko, among others, had guest-starring roles amid the show’s Nickelodeon run. While most of these celebs have since moved on from their Nickelodeon days, a few — including Emma — look back fondly at their time as child stars.

“Growing up, I was obsessed with all shows Nickelodeon — Clarissa Explains It All, Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” the American Horror Story alum told PorterEdit in November 2018. “I remember saying to my mom, ‘I want my own show on Nickelodeon one day,’ and she was like, ‘That’s a great dream to have.’ Then when I was 12, I auditioned for a Nickelodeon show and my childhood dream came true.”

From that point on, she was a star. Now, Emma is a mother of one to son Rhodes with ex-boyfriend Garrett Hedlund and has a major career under her belt.

“It’s been really nice to reflect on what I do want to do as an actress,” the Holidate star gushed to MTV News in October 2020. “And now, as I’m about to have a baby, what I spend my time doing work-wise, I want to be much more discerning about, just because it will be taking me away from being a mom.”

She now has the luxury of picking roles she wants to do. Not to mention, she’s stepping foot behind the camera and producing a few shows with her company Belletrist. In September 2022, her relatable series Tell Me Lies premiered.

“I think we can see ourselves, we can see our friends,” she told Entertainment Tonight of the show. “I feel like there’s always a time, when you’re young where it’s like, ‘Oh, I should’ve just focused more on myself instead of a guy,’ or you see your friend being like, ‘Why are you so obsessed with that person? Move on?’ And so, I think that that’s something everyone will majorly be able to relate to.”

Of course, Emma’s not the only Unfabulous star who has been killing it. Scroll through our gallery to uncover all the stars you totally forgot guest-starred in Unfabulous.

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