Disney stars Selena Gomez and Bailee Madison met on the set of Wizards Of Waverly Place back in 2010, and during their time together on the show, the two ladies instantly hit it off. And after the series came to an end, the actresses went on to become total BFF goals — constantly gushing over each other in interviews, supporting each other’s careers, and hanging out multiple times over the years! And the best part about their adorable friendship is that now, ten years later, they’re still just as close! That’s right, their friendship can clearly withstand anything because they’ve been besties for eight whole years!

J-14 caught up with Bailee at the American Heart Association Red Dress event in February 2020, and she couldn’t stop gushing over Selena’s new album, Rare! When we asked the actress if she had heard it yet, she revealed, “Of course! It’s great, I’m so happy for her.”

“We all run in the same scene so we always see each other in passing, which is nice,” she explained. “We all had a chance to grow up with each other.”

How sweet? The actress also spilled on their relationship to Us Weekly back in 2019.

“She’s lovely. I did Wizards with her when I was little, and she’s been like a wonderful role model, mentor and big sis to get to look up to,” Bailee told them.

Ugh, we’re living for their relationship. But what do they do when they hang out? It turns out, they’re just like any normal set of besties!

“We’re all girls and at the end of the day, we like to talk about what we’re going through and be there for one another, just like any other girl session,” the brunette beauty continued. “I think she’s been through everything and more and has been so authentic and wonderful on the way up. And as a 19-year-old just trying to navigate the business, it’s lovely to get to have someone like that to look up to.”

Wow, hearing Bailee talk about Selena seriously brought back all of our Wizards feels. That’s why we decided it’s time to take a walk down memory lane, and recap all the adorable moments they’ve have had together so far! Scroll through our gallery to see a complete history of Selena and Bailee’s epic friendship.

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