Before they became two of the biggest TikTok stars in the world, Dixie D’Amelio and Addison Rae were just normal teenagers who had crushes on their favorite social media stars. Yep, during a recent episode of Dixie’s YouTube show, The Early Late Show with Dixie D’Amelio, the influencers revealed which original star from the video sharing app they couldn’t get enough of back in the day.

“Is there anyone you had a crush on, on TikTok, that you met after you blew up?” Dixie asked Addison before sharing that she had a major crush on Troy Zarba. “He was the only person on my For You page before I came out [to Los Angeles]. I didn’t know any of these people.”

Addison agreed and said she loved Troy, too.

“I was going to say that! I definitely had a crush on Troy when I was in college. I remember I was scrolling through his page because he was super big at the time,” she said. Dixie added, “Before we met him, we were obsessed with him.”

When the girls finally met Troy, Addison said they all became “really good friends.” The entire situation was even more hilarious when, after they talked about crushes, Dixie said, “How do you feel that I technically had Bryce Hall before you?”

Addison started laughing before Dixie explained that she went to his meet and greet when she was in seventh or eighth grade and he was “really nice.”

After their hilarious video went live on YouTube, Dixie took to TikTok and addressed rumors that the girls actually didn’t like each other. She responded to a comment that read, “So I heard Dixie hates Addison. Is that true?” While sitting next to Addison, Dixie recorded her reaction to the comment.

“No,” she said while Addison smiled. Then added, “Wow.”

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There’s nothing but love between these two!

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