On Wednesday, July 22, a Twitter user named Good Citizen Records (@RecordsCitizen) posted the screenshot of the alleged LAPD public record showing what happened during the 2019 robbery of Jeffree Star‘s cosmetic warehouse.

For those who missed it, back in April 2019, Jeffree took to YouTube and claimed that his Los Angeles warehouse was broken into and $2.5 million worth of product was stolen. At the time, the internet star also told fans via Twitter that he was working alongside the FBI to “track down black market makeup sellers” following the incident.

Now, Good Citizen Records has accused Jeffree of lying about the cost of product that was stolen after the alleged records showed the “total value of the theft was $10,000, with an additional $30,000 in physical damages.”

The Twitter user added, “This is a long ways away from the $2.5 million in cosmetics @JeffreeStar claims to have lost.”

Fans of the makeup mogul were quick to respond and explained that the dollar amounts listed in the report “may be the production value of products — not the profit loss.”

“It would make sense to me if he had made things that cost $10 [thousand] but would be profit of $2.5 [million],” one person explained.

As fans know, Good Citizen Records’ accusations came almost one month after fellow YouTuber D’Angelo Wallace alleged that Jeffree lied about the robbery in a lengthy Twitter thread.

“This isn’t me saying it didn’t happen, but rather just me sharing my opinion. Which is that it didn’t happen. Here’s why it’s a possibility that Jeffree Star faked it for promo,” he tweeted.

D’Angelo went on to explain that despite Jeffree’s claims he was working with the FBI, law enforcement seemingly made “zero confirmation.”

“There are no sources for this outlandish tale other than Jeff himself,” D’Angelo alleged.

He also reposted a story from 2017 which chronicled a $4.5 million cosmetics robbery, also in Los Angeles.

“Y’all notice that Jeffree Star’s robbery story is EXACTLY the same as this actually real makeup warehouse robbery story that happened a year prior?” he wrote.

Jeffree has not publicly responded to Good Citizen Records or D’Angelo’s allegations.

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