Anna Cathcart, who played Lara Jean Covey’s little sister Kitty in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, has some epic ideas for the second movie. We’ve all been freaking out ever since the news hit the web that they’re making a sequel to our favorite Netflix rom-com, but naturally, we’ve had a lot of questions. Like, “What will the movie be about?”, “Will the entire cast from the first movie be in the second?” and most importantly, “Who will play John Ambrose?” Well guys, we may finally have some answers!

As fans of the Netflix rom-com know, Kitty is the one who mailed Lara Jean’s love letters in the first movie. And in the sequel, the actress explained to Teen Vogue that she wants her character to meddle with another person’s love life — their father! “I think it would be so cute that she’s super into her dad’s love life. She’s trying to make him happy, she’s trying to get the family back together because she doesn’t really remember her mom as much as the other sisters do,” Anna explained.

And there’s one new character that the 15-year-old is super excited about possibly joining the cast. And no, it’s not John Ambrose. “Something I really really want to happen is that Kitty gets a dog. Because Kitty gets a dog in the book, so this needs to happen people,” she added. “Seriously. My biggest wish, she needs Jamie Fox-Pickle, that’s the name of her dog in the book and that’s pretty adorable.”

We are so here for this! Especially if that means we might get some more footage of Noah Centineo playing with a puppy. Ugh, talk about cuteness overload.

Noah Centineo Puppies

And get this — the Descendants 2 actress admitted that she’s just as excited as we are about the second movie. “I was screaming when I found out the news, it still hasn’t sunk in,” she told the outlet. Same girl, same.

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