Ever since the news hit the web that they’re making a sequel to To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, there’s been one question on everyone’s mind. And that is: “Who will star as John Ambrose?”

As J-14 readers know, in the first movie, Lara Jean Covey wrote five letters to boys she used to love — one which was returned to her house since it was addressed to her camp, and three that got delivered to the boys in her school. But what about that fifth letter? In the film, Lara Jean explained that the final boy she wrote a love note to was John Ambrose McClaren, who she met at Model UN, so he didn’t live in her town. But the Netflix rom-com ended with him showing up at her door, flowers in hand, ready to stir up some drama.

So we can all safely assume that the much anticipated sequel is going to focus on what happens after John comes to town. But after the actor who played him in the first filmed confirmed on Twitter last month that he hadn’t been cast to play John in the second movie, it got a lot of fans wondering who will play the epic character. Not to mention the fact that leading lady Lana Condor revealed in the announcement video for the second movie that someone truly epic had been cast for the role. “What?” she exclaimed to a mystery actor on the other line. “You’re going to make the perfect John Ambrose!”

Ugh, we are dying to know who it is! But until we get some confirmation, we’ve gone ahead and made a list of who we’d personally love to see in the role, and we’d love to hear your thoughts! We even made you a few visuals to help you choose, so go ahead and cast your vote on who you think fits the role the best. Scroll through our gallery to see all of your favorite stars as John Ambrose, and then, pick which actor you want for the role.

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