The Kissing Booth just got a whole lot spookier, and it is right in time for Halloween. Netflix released a chilling fake trailer, where the fan-fave romantic comedy turns super dark. They totally change the meaning of the phrase “killing it” – and while it is not clear who is trying to murder who in this pretend plot, it is beyond creepy.

This isn’t the first time The Kissing Booth was reworked as a scary movie. Back in May, someone tweaked the film’s Wikipedia page by turning it into a horror film. Netflix picked up on the trick, and tweeted, “WHO DID THIS.”

While we are quite certain there is no chance of a horror movie remake of the film would actually come out, a sequel is a possibility. While it has not been confirmed, it seems like the cast is totally down.

“Of course, I would love to work with everyone again. If the opportunity arose, who knows, right? Something could happen. Something might. I don’t know. If there was a sequel, I have no idea. I’m like the last to know anything. I promise you, but if there was a sequel, my prediction would be hopefully Elle and Noah stay together. Elle goes to visit Noah at college. Of course, there has to be some crazy things that get out of hand, but I don’t know. I really hope that a lot of the original characters, if there was a sequel, like the OMG Girls and Tuppen and all those amazing characters would definitely be in it,” leading lady, Joey King, 19, told Seventeen.

We’re with you, Joey! As we’re hoping and wishing for a sequel, but in the meantime we’ll gladly watch this spooky fake trailer on repeat.

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