Hate to break it to you guys, but Ansel Elgort‘s nude photo is no longer on Instagram. That’s right, hours after The Fault In Our Stars actor sent fans into a frenzy by posting a completely naked pic to Instagram on Tuesday, April 21, he took to Instagram Stories and said that the social media platform asked him to take it down.

“Unfortunately, Instagram told me I gotta take my post down because it’s nudity, so I’m going to take it down or maybe I’ll repost the version that cuts a little higher, how about that?” the 26-year-old told fans in the since-expired videos. “Alright, sorry about that Instagram. Sorry if I offended anybody, but we did a good thing. And my dad took the picture by the way. He was mad, he said that I needed to give him credit.”

For those who missed it, the since-deleted photo’s caption urged fans check out the link in Ansel’s Instagram bio, which led to a GoFundMe page raising money for those on the front lines in Brooklyn, New York amid the current coronavirus pandemic. From the look of it, his steamy snap worked because the Baby Driver star also told his followers that thousands of dollars had been donated after he posted the picture!

“I don’t know how much of this is from the post but it seems a lot of people have been giving in the last few hours. Thanks a lot, looks like it was worth it,” he added in another video.

Since the coronavirus pandemic started, over 2,600,000 people have contracted the virus so far, resulting in more than 185,000 deaths. Medical professionals have called for “social distancing” to prevent further spreading of the illness, which is defined as “trying to keep yourself away from other people, especially large crowds.” Because of this many events, concerts, award shows, conventions and festivals have been canceled, including all Broadway plays and sports games. People are urged to stay indoors, avoid public places and isolate themselves during this time.

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