Grab some headphones and get ready to get out of your seats and dance, people, because Asher Angel‘s new song “Chills” is here, and it’s a total bop! The track came out on Friday, January 24, and the singer just spilled all the tea on the inspiration behind it exclusively to J-14.

It turns out, the song, which is all about that feeling you get when you meet your soulmate, has a very special meaning for the 17-year-old.

“The song came to me and it really just connected with me, it really resonated with me. I thought it was cool, I just thought that kids and teenagers feel like that,” he explained. “It was cool because prior to doing ‘Chills’ we had a [different] song locked in for the single. It’s crazy because we were like, ‘We have the next single, this can wait,’ and I was like, ‘No. I love this song. It connects with fans, they’ll love it. Let’s try it.’ So I went in and recorded it. It was a great session and I felt really happy about it.”

“A couple days later, we got the song back and it was exactly how I pictured and wanted the next single to feel like,” Asher continued. “I feel like the roll out from ‘One Thought Away’ to ‘Chills’ just made sense to me. I’m just excited. It really connected with me — there’s certain times in my life where I feel like that, so I’m excited for the fans to hear it.”

As for the message he hopes fans take away from his upcoming tunes, the former Andi Mack star explained, “The new music is very important because it’s real, it’s authentic. With my lyrics, I want them to say something. I don’t want them to just be there and it’s just a song that you groove to, it’s actually coming from me as an artist and a human being. I want my music to speak to my fans, I’m putting this out because it’s a part of me.”

The Disney alum recently finished up his tour with In Real Life, and he was completely blown away by how many fans came out to support him.

“The fan reaction was incredible. It was my first tour, I didn’t really know what to expect — I had never been on the road, so it was a little bit scary, but my fans showed up. They were there every day, waiting on all the lines, doing meet and greets with me — it’s so nice to be able to interact with them and meet with them in person because they’re the best,” he told us. “I think walking on stage for the first show, everything was a blur, it was amazing I don’t even know how to describe it. It was incredible.”

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