If you’ve ever been excluded from an outing with your friends, you’re not alone. It happens to the best of us, and it’s definitely not a good feeling. Well guys, it may be hard to believe, but it actually happens to our favorite celebrities too! That’s right. Bebe Rexha just revealed that she totally forgot to invite Shawn Mendes to her Grammys after party, and she feels pretty bad about it.

Speaking on Spotify’s “David’s Out For A Good Time” podcast, the blonde beauty explained that she ran into the “In My Blood” crooner on the red carpet during the star studded event back in February. The pair have been friends for a while, so she decided to invite him to an after party that she was throwing! The 20-year-old told her to text him the details and, well, it turns out she never did.

“I don’t think I ever texted him,” she revealed.

Shawn Bebe
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But don’t worry guys, it wasn’t on purpose! It turns out, the “Meant To Be” singer just totally forgot. Bebe explained that she’s pretty bad when it comes to texting people.

“People text me and might not get a response for like two days. Then I’ll flood them with 80,000 responses,” she continued. “People will get mad when I don’t respond. But I will only truly respond to my mom, sometimes not even, and I’ll get in so much trouble.”

Why is that honestly so relatable? And the 29-year-old also explained that Shawn is the same way.

“He’s also not the greatest texter, FYI,” she added.

As fans know, Bebe isn’t the first celebrity to ghost Shawn recently. Just last week, singer Billie Eilish revealed that the Canadian pop star had sent her a text message that she totally ignored!

“Shawn Mendes texted me but I didn’t respond,” the 17-year-old told First We Feast.

Poor Shawn! You can always text us, Shawn. We promise we’ll answer you.

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