Whether you’re anxiously awaiting Descendants 3 or trying to push it off for as long as possible since it’s the last one, the truth is: It’s coming. So instead of being sad about the fact that the final flick is rapidly approaching, we’re choosing to dive head first into all things Descendants before it premieres.

ICYMI, there are a bunch of things we already know about the movie, including the release date, plot, and of course, we’ve seen all of the trailers by now. But even though we know lots of details, they’re pretty much facts that every Descendants fan knows by now. That said, there are actually a ton of behind-the-scenes facts about the movie that even fans of the Disney Channel original movies are not yet aware of. Wait, what?

That’s right, you guys! Did you know that Dove Cameron actually had some influence over the script? Well, it’s true! And that’s just one of several secrets the cast has revealed. In other words, there are so many more secrets about the movie you’ve yet to discover, so scroll through the gallery so you can be aware of them when the flick finally airs this August.

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