Well, this is awkward. Bella Thorne and rapper Mod Sun sadly broke up in April, and now they’re pretty much dragging each other on the internet.

While the initial breakup seemed very amicable, Mod Sun is now threatening to sell her stuff! Yep, that’s right. During an interview with TooFab, the 32-year-old said, “If [Bella] doesn’t get [her stuff] soon I’m gonna have a really, really poppin’ e-Bay site.”

He then tweeted the link to the video, writing, “Obviously joking but I’m kinda funny tho.”

When the 21-year-old actress caught wind of the burn, she clearly wasn’t having it. She fired back with a shady reply, calling her former flame “press hungry.”

The Famous in Love actress wrote, “Awww looks like moddy really wants some press. #hungry also didn’t u call the cops on me when I wanted my computer?”

bella thorne modsun press hungry tweet

But that’s not the end of the vicious exchange. The rapper replied to Bella’s comment, claiming that she tried to sneak into his house through the backdoor. Yikes!

“Well u came over uninvited. 24 hours after we broke up, Thru the backdoor,” he said. “I wasn’t at the house to see what u were gonna take + to be honest bella…ur not the most trustworthy person. I’ve also told u 6 times since let’s SWAP each other’s stuff but which u refuse to gather mine.”

mod sun tweet bella thorne

Bella’s friend and fellow Disney Channel alum Keke Palmer then chimed in to defend her friend.

“Is this seriously happening right now?” the 25-year-old actress wrote. “Our worst fear is a clout chasing ass ex. I’m pissed you’re dealing with this. In other news your book is still a best seller soooooo…”


But of course, Mod Sun fired back at Keke real quick.

“U have no idea what ur talking about but cool opinion. Should we talk about the book?” he wrote in a series of tweets. “Next time u reflect urself on others think about it. Clout chasing? Yet u didnt reply to Bella’s tweet u made a whole ass new post on ur own with a meme!!!!! Just to get involved. I’m sorry u did this all wrong.”

“I didn’t reply because I didn’t want to include you. I wanted support my friend and redirect her to something positive. Your hostility is misdirected, you should meditate and take a hot bath… namaste,” Keke shot back.

The rapped replied, “That was nice of u to say something positive…..too bad it was directly after something very negative U indirectly or not said about me.”

Bella and Mod Sun parted ways just a month after the Midnight Sun leading lady split with YouTuber Tana Mongeau, who she openly dated during her relationship with Mod Sun.

Days after parting ways with Mod Sun, Bella was photographed locking lips with 25-year-old Italian singer Benjamin Mascolo, but it’s unclear what’s going on between them now.

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