A little over a year after Cameron Boyce tragically passed away, his parents have opened up about the Disney Channel star’s legacy and how they “try and find meaning in his loss” through the Cameron Boyce Foundation — which celebrated its one-year anniversary on Wednesday, July 15.

“The foundation started very quickly after Cameron passed. It was really, honestly, a reaction to a devastating loss; to do something, or to carry on what he was going to do. It was something that we felt was necessary and we thought Cameron would want us to do, and also something to give us purpose and try and find meaning in his loss, because it was just so horrible and really horrible to this day,” Victor Boyce told E! News. “It kind of gives us purpose and we want to help other families and other people and just be positive. You know, our son is all about positivity and charity, and he was never one to be selfish.”

Libby Boyce added, “We realized that Cameron passed from epilepsy — he passed from something called sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP) — and that we needed to ensure his death was not in vain. And that we would put all we can with our resources and the platform that we have, with our voice, to getting research on epilepsy out there, so we can do our part in terms of ending epilepsy and ending SUDEP. That is pretty much at the core of the Cameron Boyce Foundation.”

As fans know, Cameron passed away suddenly after having a seizure in his sleep on July 6, 2019. The Descendants and Jessie alum was only 20 years old at the time of his death.

His parents also shared what they want their son’s legacy to be.

“I hope they remember his love and remember Cameron in positive ways. To see how he’s impacted people, somehow, in such a way that was very, very intense,” Libby explained. “I mean, just being proud of him. Obviously we miss him terribly and there is not a painless day that goes by for us, and we will be in pain forever. But to think that, you know, he left his mark on young people and encouraged them to speak their truth and to do whatever they can to help the world and be charitable and be kind, and all those things. I mean, that’s what he was all about.”

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