Keeping fans on their toes! Over the years, major celebs have been offered the opportunity to appear as characters in their favorite TV shows and movies, making for some pretty memorable cameos.

In November 2021, the Jonas Brothers made a very special appearance in the short-lived Netflix series Dash and Lily. Nick (who was also a producer on the series), Joe and Kevin Jonas hopped on stage during the show to perform their 2019 hit song “Like It’s Christmas” while actor Austin Abrams, who stared as Dash, weaved through a crowd of people.

“The thing I was drawn to most about this project, there were a few things. One of it is my love for New York City. I spent a lot of time there in New York and Broadway doing shows. And then as I got older, I lived in between New York and L.A. for a number of years. I have a romantic view of it,” Nick told Entertainment Tonight of the show in October of that same year, ahead of the Jonas Brothers’ cameo. “Obviously, in this time when New York looks very different today than it did last year when we shot this show, there’s a really nostalgic, wonderful, romanticizing of the city that you see in the show.”

So, it was a no-brainer that the Jumanji stars and his siblings were going to make an appearance. As it turns out, the Jonas Brothers aren’t the only famous faces who have appeared in some fan-favorite TV shows and movies over the years. Let’s never forget when One Direction appeared in an episode of iCarly — the cast sure doesn’t!

“I remember a small riot of girls standing around the studio,” Nathan Kress — who played Freddie Benson in the series — told PopSugar in June 2021 about the British singing group on the show. “I remember not really knowing totally who they were at the time. And then all of a sudden, realizing when I got there, ‘Oh, this is a big get.’ Turns out this is a big flipping deal.”

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