TikTok sensation Charli D’Amelio spoke out in a recent livestream, and addressed rumors that have been spread about her online.

“I’ve also seen a lot, a lot of rumors about myself these past few days and they are — some of them are crazy. So please do not believe things you hear, unless they come from me, because a lot of them are not true,” the 16-year-old said, according to a video that was screenrecorded and reposted on the TikTok Room Instagram account.

Specifically, the influencer shut down rumors that she has cancer, calling them “not true.”

“Some things are not things that we should be joking about,” Charli continued in another fan-recorded clip from the stream. “I’ve seen on a couple different accounts and TikToks that were saying that I had cancer, which is not true at all, first of all. And second of all, not something to joke about. So, please don’t create things like this because it can be hurtful to people who may be struggling with that or may have a loved one that may be struggling with that.”

She concluded, “I’m obviously not mad, but I hope you guys understand that is not something to joke about.”

As fans know, Charli’s message to fans came just after fellow internet star James Charles spoke out after a fan allegedly “faked cancer and their death” in an attempt to get his attention.

“I understand people wanting to get noticed by their idol but my mom’s a cancer survivor and lying about something so serious just does not sit right in my heart,” the YouTuber wrote on Twitter on June 15.

According to reports, the fan he was referring to claimed to be terminally ill, and they even posted a fake message from their “sister,” which confirmed their death.

One of the person’s tweets read, “Today is unfortunately my last birthday I’ll ever have which sucks I’ve tried my hardest to get a notice from @jamescharles.”

In another message they wrote, “I’m not gonna be as active for a while and I probably won’t be back to Twitter from now on because you know what’s going on. Cancer is kicking my a** and I have two weeks left to live. I tried to fight this and I couldn’t beat it.”

The account has since been deleted.

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