Bring on the nostalgia! Charli D’Amelio officially teamed up with Tamagotchi for the launch of Tamagotchi Uni, and recalled shooting the campaign in Japan, which she told J-14 exclusively was an “amazing” experience.

“It was definitely very different than what I was used to, especially being on a set with a language barrier. They made it so incredibly easy for me and made me feel comfortable. It was actually probably one of the most stress-free shoots I’ve done,” Charli, 19, told J-14 at the Tamagotchi Uni launch event in New York City on Tuesday, June 27. “There was no time where I felt uncomfortable. I was just so excited and got to wear a cute outfit and do my hair and makeup. Also, play with the Tamagotchi all day — there were the new ones and then, the older version. Getting to do both of them at the same time, it was really cool.”

Other than the campaign shoot, the D’Amelio Show star joked that she “ate all the food I could while I was there.”

Charli’s new role as the Global Ambassador for Tamagotchi came at an interesting time in her life. The star remembered being “very busy doing a lot of things all at once” before getting the call from the brand. The partnership, she explained, was a no brainer.

Charli D’Amelio Says It Was ‘Amazing’ Working With Tamagotchi in Japan
Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock

“It was so exciting when I first got the offer, and to then learn that I got to shoot the campaign in Japan. [I] explored Japan and learned so much more about Tamagotchi, especially Tamagotchi Uni, that is so different but still has that same kind of feeling. That bit of nostalgia when it comes to Tamagotchi on the belt loop and now it’s a watch,” she told J-14. “It’s really cool to see how far it’s come.”

Explaining the changes, Charli went on to say that there’s “so much more” fans can do thanks to the creation of the “Tamaverse.”

The Hulu star added, “It’s so interesting, and I was so excited to do this. Ever since, they’ve just been so incredible to me and I’m excited for everyone else to see the Tamagotchi journey, and really understand why I would choose to work with something like this.”

Of course, Charli had to address the nostalgia of it all and is so excited to hear everyone’s “stories about when they were younger” and how they have memories with Tamagotchi.

“It’s just such a moment for everyone to really take a step back and think back to when they were younger,” she gushed. “Those happy positive memories that they can now bring with them.”

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