Charli D’Amelio is not holding back! The internet star referred to her family as “leeches” when they decided join her work trip to Japan.

“No one, not one person helped me get this commercial but they want to go to Japan — nice to know your priorities,” Charli, 19, shared during an episode of The D’Amelio Show, released on Wednesday, October 11. Dixie D’Amelio, for her part, made it clear that she, Marc and Heidi were just “tagging along.”

“I love being a nepo sister,” Dixie, 21, joked during the trip. Charli hit back, saying, “I like that you guys pick and choose what you come to of mine.”

Charli’s Japan trip was part of her collaboration with Tamagotchi Uni. Previously, she chatted with J-14 exclusively about filming the brand’s commercial overseas.

“It was definitely very different than what I was used to, especially being on a set with a language barrier. They made it so incredibly easy for me and made me feel comfortable. It was actually probably one of the most stress-free shoots I’ve done,” Charli gushed in June. “There was no time where I felt uncomfortable. I was just so excited and got to wear a cute outfit and do my hair and makeup. Also, play with the Tamagotchi all day.”

Charli D'Amelio Calls Her Family ‘Leeches’ During Work Trip to Japan
Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images for MTV

However, The D’Amelio Show showcased a different side of Charli’s emotions regarding the commercial shoot.

“I just wish that my family was there to see it,” she shared during a confessional. “We came all this way for this work thing and no one came for me. It just would have been nice if they popped by.”

She added, “Sometimes I just want you guys there as proud parents, you know. Instead of you guys only coming if you’re working too.”

Charli went on to say that she was “so fed up” and felt like she was “getting taken advantage of” within the family business. “If I deletes social media and drop off the face of the planet, it’s your fault.”

The internet star clarified that she has so much “love” for her family but “having to put in all of the time and energy” to “uphold a family business” is “very stressful” for Charli.

After returning from her Japan trip, Charli was joined by boyfriend Landon Barker for a confessional. Charli admitted she would have rather had Landon on the trip because he would have attended all her work obligations.

“Instead, no one came to work with me,” Charli added. Off camera, Dixie chimed in, revealing that they “weren’t allowed to” go to the Japan shoot.

Greg [Goodfried] called me and told me, ‘No one should come to the shoot.’ I’m serious,” Dixie said, referring to the president of the D’Amelio Family LLC. “Greg was like, ‘I don’t know what your parents are doing but I don’t think anyone should come to the shoot.'”

Charli said she was “so sad” about the family not being there, calling Greg a “bitch.” Landon joked, “We will find you Greg.”

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