She’s getting real. In a new episode of The D’Amelio ShowDixie D’Amelio is nervous to talk with her dad, Marc D’Amelio, after her parents’ martial issues at the end of 2022.

“Today’s the day I’m finally going to talk to my dad about how I’ve been mad at him for a couple months and just didn’t say anything,” Dixie said in her D’Amelio Show confessional during season 3, episode 6, which premiered on Wednesday, October 4. “Getting this talk over with with my dad is going to help me move on. Not having that resentment toward my family is going to be great for all of our relationships I just really miss him and want to spend time with him.”

In the previous episode, the extent of Marc and Heidi D’Amelio‘s marital issues were finally revealed to viewers. However, Dixie was still dealing with the aftermath as the family healed.

The “Be Happy” songstress was worried to have a one-on-one conversation with her father, because she didn’t want it to “change how he thinks of me.” In order to have the chat, Dixie set up a time to BMX race with Marc, an activity they used to enjoy when she was younger. When Marc and Dixie eventually sat down to chat, she laid everything out on the table.

Dixie D'Amelio Tells Marc She Felt ‘Neglected’ When Handling Family Issues
Courtesy of Hulu

“I has a really rough end of the year last year, and I think that you did, too. We spent a lot of time together,” she said. “I had a lot of responsibility on my back and I was dealing with everyone’s emotions … and I felt neglected.”

Marc and Heidi, for their part, seemed to be getting into a better place following their relationship rough patch.

“I think Marc and I, we’re still learning. We took time to go through therapy. It was so much that we learned about ourselves, our marriage and our relationship,” Heidi shared during her confessional. Marc then reflected on how Dancing With the Stars created a “huge shift” in the family overall.

“After Heidi and I started going to therapy, I realized, holy s–t, I really love this woman. I really love this marriage and I really love this family. I might have to change a little bit to make things work. We’re ready to go the distance.”

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