A closer look at TikTok’s most famous family! Charli and Marc D’Amelio are spilling all the tea on what fans can expect from season 2 of The D’Amelio Show.

“We have all grown so much since season 1, and I’m excited for viewers to see that,” Charli, 17, told J-14 exclusively while promoting her family’s partnership with Spotify’s new Lyrics feature. “We are still in the process of filming season 2 so all I will say is that, this season, we are focusing on having fun and showing more of who we are as a family and individuals.”

Marc, 53, echoed his youngest daughter’s sentiments, adding that “in season 2, we get out of the house.” The father of two also teased “maybe a trip back to Connecticut.”

The D’Amelio Show premiered on Hulu in September 2021 and peeled back the curtain on Charli, Marc, Dixie and Heidi D’Amelio‘s whirlwind rise to fame from Connecticut to Hollywood. One thing that surprised Charli about releasing the show was “how supportive everyone was and still is.”

The Internet personality shared, “It’s definitely hard to be that vulnerable on camera so I was really touched to see all of the sweet positive messages from people.”

From Marc’s perspective, “the first season focused on our newfound notoriety and how it affected all of us.” Going forward, he hopes that “the second season will focus on our relationships with each other.”

He added, “I would love to show everyone where we came from and how we got here in season 2.”

Charli, for her part, has high hopes that she’ll be able to “take a deep dive into some of the projects that I’ve been involved with.” She added, “I’m excited to give the viewers a behind-the-scenes look at things that I’ve been working on that I haven’t been able to talk about publicly yet.”

While there’s tons of exciting things in the works for Charli and her family, it’s no secret that all four D’Amelios have dipped their toes into the podcasting world. Charli and Dixie have their “2 Chix” show while Marc and Heidi host “The Other D’Amelios.” Thanks to Dixie’s budding music career, the family has also gotten a first-hand look into the music industry.

“I think it’s really easy to just see the end product of different projects and not realize how much work goes into it,” Charli told J-14. “It’s definitely different to be behind the scenes with things like the podcast or music because you realize how many moving parts there are and how hard people are working to make every moment so special for the consumer and audience.”

With podcasts and music under their belts, it was a no-brainer for the family to team up with Spotify for the streaming platform’s Lyrics launch.

“I’m definitely someone who listens closely to lyrics, so when Spotify launched Lyrics, I was very excited. I love being able to listen to a song and read along to the lyrics, it makes me feel like I am connecting with my favorite artists on a personal level,” Charli shared, noting that the platform — which she said “allows people to connect deeper with their favorite music” — was “truly launched with listeners in mind.”

Marc explained that Lyrics was something he “was hoping they’d roll out for a while,” adding, “particular lyrics can be so sentimental and nostalgic, and take you back to a really particular place or moment or feeling.”

Charli added, “Music is also a big reason I started to dance, so it’s always had a big impact on me and my family.”

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