They’re normal people living an abnormal life! Charli, Dixie, Heidi and Marc D’Amelio gave fans an inside look into their world since becoming internet stars with the Hulu docuseries The D’Amelio Show, which was released on Friday, September 3.

They may have millions of followers across all social media platforms, but the Connecticut natives are doing the same things they always did. Now, they have more eyes watching their every move.

“It’s mostly our everyday interactions with the people around us and still being parented and having rules and living under my parents’ roof and all the normal teen things,” Charli tells J-14 exclusively when asked what keeps her grounded. “Everyone else my age is figuring out: What’s my major going to be? Where am I going to go to college? I’m also figuring out, well, what do I want to do for my life? What makes me happy? What makes me feel like I can make a career out of this? I can make a job out of this and be continuously happy for the rest of my life. We’re all kind of thinking the same things just in different ways.”

Heidi chimes in explaining that, as parents, they “feel the most normal when we’re just hanging out in our house with the dogs.”

“That feels just like our normal life,” the mom of two adds. “Like, it always has been. … It just happens naturally because that’s who we are as a family.”

Throughout the eight-episode series, the family didn’t hold back. Amid the red carpets and A-list events, Charli, Dixie, Heidi and Marc had serious discussions about mental health while living life in the public eye. During one particularly emotional moment, Dixie has a breakdown on camera after receiving a barrage of hate comments on a YouTube video. When rewatching this scene, Marc explains to J-14 that it was “gut-wrenching.”

“Watching it now, it’s kind of embarrassing,” Dixie admits. “But I also feel like it’s so cool to watch how much I’ve grown in the past couple of months, and having that documented, it kind of feels good. But it is embarrassing because I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m literally crying. That’s so annoying.’ I feel like that happens to everyone after you literally break down, the next day, you’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, that was so stupid.’ But I think it was important for me to watch and for other people to watch as well.”

Charli and Dixie D'Amelio Overcome Hate in 'The D'Amelio Show': The Series' Biggest Moments
Denise Crew/Hulu

Aside from the tears, the family also had some pretty hilarious embarrassing moments while filming.

“I cried a lot, but people know that,” Heidi shares. “When I’m emotional — when I’m happy or sad, it brings me to tears, and people make fun of me for that. And now, I have like a whole complex about it! These are my emotions. Let me have them.”

That being said, the girls were never embarrassed by having their parents on the show because “they were always cooler than us.”

“I don’t think that that was ever something that worried us,” Charli explains. Dixie adds, “We don’t try to be picture perfect and like, ‘Oh my gosh, everything is so awesome and cute and perfect all the time.” We have our moments, and we have our fun and we have the bad times. And I feel like, that’s what’s shown in the show.”

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