Will the First Family of TikTok be returning to Hulu for more episodes of The D’Amelio Show? In November 2021, the family confirmed that more is coming!

More than a year after rising to fame on the video-sharing app, Charli D’Amelio and her family — sister Dixie D’Amelio, mom Heidi D’Amelio and dad Marc D’Amelio — starred in an eight-episode docuseries on Hulu. What was said to be a reality show, actually became so much more for the family and their fans.

“This is our lives that we’re documenting, and it’s not for drama,” Charli teased to J-14 exclusively in June 2021, months before the September premiere. “If that’s what people are looking for, they can find another show because that’s not what we’re going to give them, because that’s not our real lives.”

As promised, there was no drama in the series but a real-life look at their whirlwind rise to fame. Viewers had a front-row seat to the Charli and Dixie’s breakdowns over internet hate, their struggles with anxiety and how they navigated public relationships all while loving what they do. Along the way, Marc and Heidi supported their daughters while getting used to their new lifestyle.

“The most important thing is: A. That we keep our family together, B. That everyone’s happy,” Marc told viewers during his confessional interview on the show. “Ultimately, both Charli and Dixie love what they’re doing, we just need to get better at handling rumors and gossip. The negative comments are, hopefully, just noise.”

The D’Amelio Show viewers were also able to see the tight-knit bond between the family that originated while they were living in Connecticut. According to Dixie, there was never a question about not including Marc and Heidi in the show because “they were always cooler than us.”

“I don’t think that that was ever something that worried us,” Charli explained to J-14 exclusively in September 2021, admitting that the girls weren’t worried about getting embarrassed by their parents. Dixie added, “We don’t try to be picture perfect and like, ‘Oh my gosh, everything is so awesome and cute and perfect all the time.’ We have our moments, and we have our fun and we have the bad times. And I feel like, that’s what’s shown in the show.”

In the season 1 finale, Charli celebrated her 17th birthday and reflected on everything that happened in her life over the past year. The internet personality also looks forward to the future. But does that include another season of The D’Amelio Show? Scroll through our gallery for what we know so far. 

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