The D’Amelio Family hit a breaking point during The D’Amelio Show season 3. During the fifth episode, released on Wednesday, October 4, things came to a head as Heidi and Marc D’Amelio‘s martial issues were revealed. Initially, the family played coy about what went down, with Charli D’Amelio saying it was “a s–t show.”

Dixie D’Amelio, revealed that she was “handling everyone else’s business” while her mom and sister were on Dancing With the Stars in late 2022. Now, she feels like “no one cares about me or my feelings, and that’s, kind of, when everything went downhill.”

The “Be Happy” songstress noted that things were “a mess” between the family as a whole, noting that she was “so worried about everyone all that time.” It’s since caused some “resentment” between Dixie and the rest of her family.

“During Dancing With the Stars, my parents went through a really rough time and I, kind of, ended up in the middle of it,” she explained. “I hate that I feel resentment toward Charli, but I handled everything on my own — all sides. I became the middle person of this whole situation.”

She added, “It sucks that I had to deal with all of that and now, they’re just fine. They want everything to be back to normal.”

While the family attempted to keep what really went down off the show, eventually Marc and Heidi discussed their marital problems.

“After we wrapped filming, producers talked to Marc and Heidi,” a black screen read during the episode. “They agreed to come back to talk about what happened.”

Marc explained that he felt like he “wasn’t appreciated” so his “first reaction was to burn this s–t down.” The patriarch explained that things went from “zero to 100” with his and Heidi’s relationship and he said, “I’m done with this marriage.” He went on to say that the decision to keep their martial problems out of the public eye was made to protect their business.

“This is a family business and there’s everything riding on us as a family. That puts a lot of pressure on us. This is all I have. Money comes and goes. Fame is gonna come and it’s gonna go. The only thing I have is family,” Marc said. “The girls saw a side to me that they’ve never seen before.”

Charli and Dixie D'Amelio Saw Their Life ‘Crumbling’ Amid Parents' Issues

Marc explained that he and Heidi were fighting every day, but recalled one “blowout fight” that happened at Dixie and Charli’s house. After the argument, Marc went back to their native Connecticut for a week.

“I talked about divorce. It sucks that Dixie and Charli had to see their parents fight and they had to hear the word divorce,” he added. “They saw a really perfect situation crumbling.”

Prior to The D’Amelio Show season 3 premiere, Heidi spoke candidly about her Dancing With the Stars experience with J-14 exclusively, and explained how it “took some time” for the family to get back to normal after the show.

“Charli and I were so checked out doing Dancing With the Stars, and Marc and Dixie were together all the time. Dixie and I felt like we fell out of touch and even Marc and I, we had to get that back. Dixie and Charli were living together and they, sort of, fell out of touch. It’s wild. Unless you’ve done Dancing with the Stars, it sounds crazy. It took some time to settle back into. It didn’t take that much time, but it did take some navigating, because I felt like — when you do something so intense for so many months, I grew so much as a person. So, I’m coming back into our family feeling like I have so much more to give.”

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