Things between Charli and Dixie D’Amelio seem to be coming to a head during The D’Amelio Show season 3. The third season premiere — which was released on Wednesday, September 20 — showed the sisters having some major tension as they continue to navigate living together.

As the season starts, Dixie is shown shedding tears while their parents — Marc and Heidi D’Amelio — noted that they don’t “want to get in the middle” of their daughters’ relationship.

“I’m not even f–king mad at you. I can’t even say what I’m upset that because it’s so … that’s why it’s so annoying. I can’t even talk about it,” Dixie told Charli through tears. “It’s so unfair. I can’t even say it or talk about it.”

The show then flashed back to three months earlier, where things appeared to be happier between the entire family. Charli and Heidi, for their part were getting back into the swing of things following their 2022 Dancing With the Stars appearance. During The D’Amelio Show season 2, Charli dropped her debut single, “If You Ask Me To,” but told viewers during her confessional that she’s “taking a pause” on music for now.

On their end, Charli and Dixie were celebrating one year of living together. “She is … she’s just …. my older sister forever,” Charli joked about Dixie.

Charli, Dixie Have Tension in ‘D'Amelio Show’ Season 3 Premiere: Recap
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While Marc said that his daughters were in a “really good place,” their moments alone showed otherwise.

When filming one confessional together, the duo got into an argument when Dixie was discussing her rehearsal for a show she performed at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles.

“I have rehearsal all day,” Dixie said. Charli replied, “I know, we’re going.”

Dixie hit back, saying, “Yeah, but I’m actually doing the rehearsal … You guys need me. You act like you don’t.” Charli was quick to reply with: “I don’t f–king need you.”

The sisters started going back and forth with Charli telling Dixie to “find another roommate.” Then, Charli referred to her sister as “grouchy.”

“Because everyone wants me to look like the bitch,” Dixie said. Charli replied, “Then stop being the bitch.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Charli did attend Dixie’s concert rehearsal and sent a message to viewers. Speaking directly into her microphone, Charli shared an update on their fight.

“I’m not fighting with her. She’s been fighting with me all day. She’s making me sad because she keeps yelling at me but it’s fine,” she said. “I’m here, supporting. I didn’t do anything, though.”

Amid her rehearsal, Dixie breaks down in tears. While Charli goes to help her sister, she explained during a confessional that, “no matter how I seem to handle the situation, it’s just wrong.”

Charli, Dixie Have Tension in ‘D'Amelio Show’ Season 3 Premiere: Recap
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However, despite their fighting, there were some sweet scenes between Charli and Dixie, which included Landon Barker. At one point, the trio attempted to cook together, and Landon and Charli made a list of potential famous men that Dixie can date.

“No one’s good enough for her in our eyes, so we’re just trying to find someone that is good for her but also we like hanging out with because the three of us are a package deal,” Charli said. “If Dixie’s not happy, no one’s happy.”

New episodes of The D’Amelio Show release via Hulu on Wednesdays.

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