Since Dixie D’Amelio stepped foot in the spotlight, her dating life has been a huge topic of conversation.

The internet personality and ex-boyfriend Noah Beck kept their relationship out of the public eye when they first started dating in September 2020.

“She previously got out of a public relationship, so she didn’t want to be as public in this one, just because of previous experiences,” Noah told People in January 2021. “We wanted to keep everything between us and we decided it would be better if we didn’t post as much.”

Noah appeared to be referring to Dixie’s past relationship with Griffin Johnson, whom she dated for a few months in 2020. Dixie announced their split in a YouTube video uploaded in August of that year. “Hey, so we actually broke up. But I had this video scheduled for today so I’m posting it anyways,” she said in the video’s intro.

Following her and Griffin’s split, fans started to speculate that she was dating Noah. In the beginning, they denied relationship rumors telling fans that they were nothing more than friends. Then, in October 2020, Noah confirmed their romance during an interview.

“I am dating Dixie D’Amelio,” he revealed to AwesomenessTV. “Dixie’s amazing, she’s an awesome girl! It’s been really fun and I’m excited for the future with her.”

Going forward, the couple started to pack on the PDA more via social media. Dixie even started to talk about her relationship on her YouTube series, The Early Late Night Show

“He’s very romantic and kind of caused me to be a little more romantic, which wasn’t usually like me, so it’s really nice getting to open up,” the budding songstress explained in April 2021, noting that since they’ve been together, she’s “gradually” been able to open up when it comes to love.


Then, when Dixie and her family’s Hulu series, The D’Amelio Show, premiered in September 2021, she spoke at length about Noah during one of the episodes. “If you think of the perfect boyfriend in a movie, it’s him,” Dixie gushed. She went on to explain how, sometimes, their followers can put “pressure” on the relationship.

“People saying, ‘I won’t believe in love if they don’t last’ — that’s a lot of pressure coming from people,” she explained. “Because we’re doing the best we can to just be our happiest selves in our relationship, and now we feel like people rely on our relationship.”

She and Noah have since split. The couple confirmed their breakup in November 2022.

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