Fans were seriously shook when speculation hit the web that Dixie D’Amelio and Griffin Johnson had officially split after a few months together. For those who missed it, after some eagle-eyed fans noticed that the couple unfollowed each other on various social media platforms, a TikTok video (that has since gone viral) alleged that Griffin messaged another girl and explicitly told her he was “single.” Days later, Dixie confirmed their breakup on her YouTube channel.

She also seemingly threw some serious shade at her ex-boyfriend after — according to screenshots uploaded to the TikTok Room Instagram account — he followed a creator on the app who had uploaded a video that appeared to call her a “hoe.” Upon seeing this, Dixie clapped back, according to another batch of screenshots uploaded to the account.

Days after Dixie was spotted cozying up to fellow TikTok star Noah Beck, Griffin took to Twitter and addressed their breakup, the cheating rumors and apologized.

“People have been asking me for a long time to make an apology, but honestly I didn’t say anything until now to limit press [and] attention outside the TikTok community in hopes that it would die down,” he began. “Our relationship was put into the public out of our control and I have been taking heat ever since. It was far from perfect on both sides as everyone has seen in the past week.”

Griffin asked his followers to “respect Dixie [and] her decisions” adding that he wants “nothing but the best for her moving forward.”

“Most importantly, I want to publicly apologize to Dixie for the hurt that I have caused. I am human, I am not proud of some of my choices,” he concluded. “I have dealt with a lot of this in an immature manner because honestly, I had no idea what to do. I’m not asking for forgiveness, I just want to cut the bulls**t and let everyone understand my thoughts and know that I am sorry.”

Following his apology, Griffin seemingly slammed Dixie in his new song, “Convenient,” released in September 2020. He dropped the apparent diss track just after Dixie, 19, premiered the music video for her “Be Happy” remix, in which she kissed Noah.

Although he never mentioned Dixie and Noah by name, Griffin appeared to make reference to their rumored relationship with the line: “You said you’re just friends but you’re wearing his clothes.”

In his song, Griffin also seemingly denied cheating on Dixie throughout their relationship.

“She said I cheated / And that’s just f–ked up / But you believed it,” the former Sway House member sang in the chorus. She responded to the track in a TikTok video alongside the caption, “real convenient…”

Months later, in November 2020, Griffin opened up how he feels about Dixie and Noah’s relationship on Barstool Sports’ “BFFs” podcast with cohost Josh Richards.

“I’m happy for them now, I’m over it,” he added. “I’m gonna be honest, I respect Dixie. If she ever needed anything, I would be the first one there, same for Noah.”

They’re two of the biggest stars on TikTok, so seeing them together was pretty epic, right? OK, but how did this pairing even come about? When did Griffin and Dixie meet and how did they get so close? What else did they say about each other and the relationship? Why did they ultimately decide to go their separate ways? Not to worry, people, because J-14 broke down their love from start to finish. Scroll to through our gallery to get all the tea on Dixie and Griffin’s relationship.

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