YouTube’s Vlog Squad creator David Dobrik just opened up about the “biggest downside” of his job as an internet star. The 23-year-old vlogger sat down for an interview with Paper Magazine, and admitted that sometimes he finds being in the public eye is hard because people in Hollywood don’t have “respect” for him or what he does.

Aside from already having achieved “the LA dream,” David told the publication that he wants to be considered legit by, without naming any names, those “who didn’t even think they could have respect for a YouTuber.”

He recounted a few previous scenarios when he told people in the entertainment industry that he was a YouTube star. David said he watched “the interest completely flutter away from the eyes.” The social media star called this the “biggest downside to doing what I do.”

“They’re like, ‘I hate YouTube. YouTube is stupid,’ because there’s just so much content going on for different people and it’s all mixed,” he explained. “So people don’t get a very positive feel when they’re on it. The problem with YouTube is if I want to watch something serious, I can click on it, but in two seconds, I’m also going to be greeted with some video about some guy surprising his kid with a baby cat. They get angry and frustrated.”

David also touched on, what he called, one of the “trickiest” parts of his job: the “pressure” to be perfect online.

“All the mistakes we make are documented,” he said. “Sometimes [the backlash] is justified, for sure. But other times, it’s a little intense. Like, this happened nine years ago, maybe give this person a break?”

Aside from the hardships that come with being famous on the internet, David said that he still realizes how “crazy lucky” he is.

“I can’t explain how lucky I am… Like, if I was 14, I’d lose my mind,” he gushed. “I really still can’t believe I get to do this.”

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