YouTuber Logan Paul just threw some major shade at David Dobrik. On Wednesday, February 5, Logan uploaded a new vlog which featured a short clip of him discussing David’s videos with a group of friends. The social media star noticed that the Vlog Squad founder seemingly uses the same thumbnail image in all his videos.

“David’s running YouTube right now,” Logan said. “I’m about to show you boys something. Look at his thumbnails.

Logan also added in screenshots of David’s thumbnails so viewers could see what he was talking about.

“Tell me if you notice the difference between this one and this one. It’s the same f**king picture!” he claimed.

Logan Paul Criticizes The Way David Dobrik Edits Videos And Fans Are Not Happy

The shade didn’t stop there! After Logan showed everyone the similar photo, fellow YouTuber Tanner Fox claimed that David also edits laugh tracks into his videos for a funnier effect.

“I don’t wanna expose David, but he edits in his friends laughing. He records them all laughing in groups,” Tanner alleged. “He’ll sit there and record [them] going ‘hahaha’ and then he’ll get all his friends to group laugh.”

Naturally, fans of David were not happy that Logan had talked negatively about him in the video. They took to social media and slammed Logan for seemingly copying David’s vlog style. Some Twitter users also referred to David as “the king.”

“Yo did [Logan Paul] expose David Dobrik in the vlog today?” one person asked. Another added, “Is it just me or does Logan Paul’s new videos feel like a bootleg David Dobrik vlog?

A third let David know that Logan was making fun of him.

“Logan Paul was talking s**t about you and your vlog,” someone tweeted at the vlogger.

As fans know, this isn’t the first time Logan has called out David. In June 2019, Logan claimed that David had broken into his Impaulsive podcast studio. Previous to that, in 2018, Logan told his podcast listeners that David “hated” him. Logan explained that he invited David to be a guest on the show, but the vlogger never responded to his texts.

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