For months now, fans have been convinced that David Dobrik and his assistant, Natalie Mariduena, are secretly dating. Well guys, the brunette beauty was just spotted cozying up to fellow Vlog Squad member Todd Smith, and David had a very interesting reaction to the news.

For those who missed it, Natalie shared a snap of her and Todd looking pretty cuddly on the beach to her Instagram Stories. And naturally, it had fans wondering — are they dating?! Especially since it’s been no secret that Todd was crushing on Natalie in the past — we mean, who remembers when David published his drunk texts to her on a billboard?!

After seeing the steamy photo, Drama Alert’s Keemster decided to get to the bottom it, so he went ahead and DMed David and asked him what was going on.

“Natalie/Todd Smith together?” he asked the YouTuber.

david dobrik natalie todd smith

“I have no f**king clue hahahaha,” David responded, according to screenshots of their messages that Keem shared during a recent YouTube video. “I wish I knew myself.”

So there you have it folks, even David doesn’t know what’s going on with them! But he certainly didn’t seem upset by the news that they may be an item.

As fans know, rumors first started swirling that David and Natalie were more than friends after she moved into the influencer’s house to become his full-time assistant.And when David bought Natalie a car for her birthday a few months later, it fueled speculation even more.

And it turns out, their relationship actually goes way back! The Vlog Squad founder shared this adorable snap with Natalie from when they were in high school together on Valentine’s Day — how sweet is that?!

“Happy Valentines Day from when Natalie dragged me to my first high school dance only to leave me in the cafeteria while she danced with half the high school football team,” he captioned it.

But David told Clevver News, “I’m definitely not [dating Natalie]. Nobody in my friend group is actually dating my assistant Natalie, which is kind of a heartbreaker to a lot of people. But no, she’s just a really good friend of mine. I would tell you if we were [dating], but no, we’re not and I don’t think we ever will.”

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