Internet famous “Vlog Squad” creator David Dobrik just revealed why he feels like sometimes YouTubers have a negative reputation. The 23-year-old vlogger sat down with host Sean Evans for a new episode of the fan-favorite YouTube series Hot Ones, and together they talked about why social media influencers are different from traditional celebrities and why they don’t always get the same type of respect.

“People still don’t have the same respect for digital influencers like they do for traditional talent and I totally get that because [on] the internet you can upload whenever and whatever you want,” he admitted. “So people upload some really stupid s**t on there, so it’s kind of hard to filter out who the good eggs and the bad eggs are on the internet and that’s why YouTubers, in a general sense, get a bad rep.”

As fans know, this isn’t the first time David opened up about how digital creators are portrayed in Hollywood. During an interview with Paper Magazine he revealed that sometimes he finds being in the public eye hard because some people don’t have “respect” for him or what he does. The social media star called this the “biggest downside to doing what I do.”

“They’re like, ‘I hate YouTube. YouTube is stupid,’ because there’s just so much content going on for different people and it’s all mixed,” he explained. “So people don’t get a very positive feel when they’re on it. The problem with YouTube is if I want to watch something serious, I can click on it, but in two seconds, I’m also going to be greeted with some video about some guy surprising his kid with a baby cat. They get angry and frustrated.”

In typical David fashion, his Hot Ones video was also filled with hilarious stories, too. He remembered a moment from a past vlog where the entire squad created a giant blue foam volcano, which “dyed half of the house green.”

“I haven’t told this to anybody, but my neighbor below me complained. He said a piece of the foam hit his wife while she was in the hot tub and burned her, which is impossible,” David said. “The second the foam comes out, it’s like you can touch it, you can play with it, you can rub it all over your skin. It blew up everywhere.”

He continued, “It dyed like my outdoor furniture green. You can’t get it out, ’cause it’s like a weird chemical.”

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