Disney Channel’s original movie Den Brother premiered in 2010, and the stars have changed so much over the years.

Starring Hutch Dano as Alex Pearson and G. Hannelius as his sister, Emily Pearson, the flick followed the story of a teen who is forced to run his sister’s Bumble Bee troop as the substitute scoutmaster Mrs. Zamboni — his alter ego. While Alex helps the troop earn badges and sell cookies in order to attend the Camporee, Emily and her friends — Abigail (Taylar Hender) and Tina (Haley Tju) — help Alex get a date with the most popular girl in school, Matisse Burrows (Kelsey Chow). When Alex finds a permanent scoutmaster for his sister’s troop, the girls get upset because they want Alex to continue being their Den Mother as himself.

“It’s about a star hockey player, played by Hutch Dano, who gets suspended from the team. He’s a little self-centered and ends up becoming the Den Brother of his younger sister’s Girl Scout troop,” Kelsey told Smashing Interviews Magazine in August 2010. “I play the character of Matisse Burrows, the love interest of Alex, who is the main character. She’s a junior helper for her little sister’s Bumble Bee Girl Scout troop. Matisse is interested in Alex, but not willing to give in to his charm in the beginning.”

At the time, the actress recalled filming in Salt Lake City.

“I think it’s always fun to shoot on location. You get to experience another world,” Kelsey gushed. “My cast members and I got to explore the city and also went to Park City, which is the location for the Sundance Film Festival. We went downtown, to the malls and to the local amusement center. So, I think it was fun all being together, working and being in that environment.”

Prior to the movie’s premiere, G spoke with Girls’ Life about playing a little sister. The Dog With a Blog alum noted that she’s an only child in real life.

“I, kind of, like that I get a lot of attention to myself, but sometimes I’d like a sibling to play with once in a while,” the Disney Channel star shared at the time.

Hutch, for his part, spoke about transforming into Mrs. Zamboni during a 2010 interview with Tiger Beat. The actor revealed that, in all, it took “four-and-a-half [hours] with wardrobe.”

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