You grew up watching shows like Hannah Montana and Jessie on the Disney Channel, and a bunch of your favorite stars grew up right along with you. Some of the actors and actresses who played the little kids and babies on those shows look totally different now. This should come as no suprise. It's been literal years since these shows were on the air. But still, it will probably make you feel very, very old. We don't blame you.

For instance, Francesca Capaldi was a little kid on the first season of Dog With a Blog, and now she's a teenager at 13 years old. Can you even wrap your mind around that fact? Little Chloe is almost the same age as G Hannelius was when the show first started. And speaking of G, do you remember when the actress was on Sonny With a Chance as the precocious Dakota Condor? She looked like such a little nugget back then, and now she's a glamorous teenager, and has even traveled to Iceland with her boyfriend Jack Chiate.

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Click through the gallery to see what the little kids on your fave Disney Channel shows look like now.

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