Don’t freak out, you guys, but it sounds like Disney+ might be working on a Love, Simon-inspired TV show for the streaming service, and we’re really hoping this happens.

The movie, which came out in March 28, stars Nick RobinsonKeiynan LonsdaleKatherine LangfordJennifer Garner and so many others. And while we absolutely loved the star-studded cast, we loved the message of the coming-of-age flick even more. That said, we think it would be awesome if Disney created a series that shares the same message of love and acceptance to a younger generation.

Well, according to Variety, it might actually happen. The outlet says it’s “being explored for series adaptation at Disney+,” which is amazing news. And while we don’t know all that much about the potential adaptation, Variety claims the film’s director, Greg Berlanti, will not be involved with the series. Instead, the series is “being eyed for This Is Us showrunners Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger.” How interesting!

While there aren’t any other details about the potential Disney+ show at this time, we think it would be a wonderful addition to their streaming service. To refresh your memory, the movie is about a closeted gay teenager who has a lot to juggle. Between keeping his sexual identity a secret from family and friends and also trying desperately to keep a blackmailer at bay, the story resonates with LGBTQ+ youth in ways no other movie has done before.

Obviously, this story includes a super important message of love and acceptance. So important, in fact, that when the movie came out, several celebs bought out entire theaters because they wanted to share its beautiful message with the general public. Jesse Tyler FergusonKristen Bell and YouTube star Tyler Oakley were just a few of the celebs who bought out theaters, and we’ll seriously never forget how they brought people together to support not only the film, but the entire LGBTQ+ community.

If Disney+ does decide to follow through with the series, it’s our hope it will garner the same level of support. After all, it’s a story that needs to be told.

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