There’s a good chance you haven’t noticed, but celebrities have flaws too. Sure, most of them do what they can to hide their imperfections, but every so often they open up about these things and prove what we all know to be true, which is that no one is perfect. Well, the latest to join the club is Dove Cameron, who just took to Instagram to share a photo of her crooked bottom teeth.

We know, we know — you never even noticed that the Descendants star has a jacked up set of bottom chompers. TBH, we didn’t notice either — that is, until she uploaded some pics of her teeth to Instagram embracing her smile like she never has before.

“Did u know my bottom teeth were this wrecked,” she wrote alongside a series of three photos. “I’m never fixing them because they’re f–king CUTE.” We couldn’t agree more!

Dove Cameron

Personally, we’re living for her confidence, and we’re definitely not alone. Several of the Disney star’s fans hit up the comments to let her know what an inspiration she is — especially because she’s showing people that they should learn to love their imperfections instead of wasting time trying to hide them.

“Don’t fix them. Imperfections make you human and we love human dove,” one fan wrote.
“Self LOVE and ACCEPTANCE is what i’m here for,” another person commented.
Honestly, we think it’s awesome that the 23-year-old is being so open, honest and outspoken about this, and it’s definitely not the first time she’s taken to social media express her confidence in herself.
On January 26, 2019, the actress took to Instagram to share a photo of herself in a bikini, and after receiving a lot of hate in the comments, she made an important statement about body-shaming and respecting women’s bodies.
“The human body isn’t offensive y’all,” she said. “Stop objectifying women so hard that you convince yourself that something natural and beautiful could ever be something offensive. also let women define their own bodies & their relationship to their bodies for themselves. stop defining women’s bodies for said women.”
Honestly, we don’t know when Dove became the voice of our generation, but we’re totally here for it!

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