Oh no! Dove Cameron has been hospitalized, but don’t worry. The Liv and Maddie star will be totally OK. The 22-year-old actress took to Instagram to let her fans know what went down. Due to her health issues, Dove has had to miss a few performances of Clueless: The Musicalthe sold-out off-Broadway show she’s starring in. Now, she’s defending herself.

The Disney Channel megastar told her 23 million Instagram followers, “i love my you guys more than anything. and can’t wait to start this new year with you. thank you for being such an unparalleled source of kindness and support in my life! grateful for this life, #cluelessthemusical, my health, and all of you. swipe right (ps: don’t worry i will be more than fine. doing everything i can to heal up quick) ((pps: it’s no ones fault that this happened and is quite common for a performer!)).”

The Hairspray Live! star continued, “You’ve been asking what sent me to the ER the other night and I didn’t wanna leave you hanging. While I was dancing, something happened with my upper spine and neck and the surrounding nerves, which is why I couldn’t rotate my neck or back. I’ll be fine, but I need to rest and not aggravate my injury for a few days.”

Unfortunately, many people aren’t being very understanding.

She added, “Even though I had communicated that I was taking care of my health, I got messages saying I ‘ruined someone’s holiday,’ or that I was ‘so lazy’ because I ‘couldn’t get it together just for one show,’ or I ‘didn’t care about my fans.'”

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Previous to being hospitalized, Dove had taken to Twitter to defend herself for not coming outside to meet fans after every show. As a result of the anxiety she was experiencing, the actress decided to take a social media break.

“my anxiety is at an all time high & i haven’t been the best version of myself the last few days. i think i’m going to try to take a social media break. just a few days. to see if it helps. i love you all so much! truly, from the purest part of my heart. thank you for everything,” she wrote on Dec. 27.

She also took to Twitter to let fans know about the injuries she was experiencing. “Guys. I have five pinched nerves in my neck and back. FIVE. And my stabilizing bones on the top of my feet are visibly bruised because of how hard I’m stabilizing myself in these heels when I dance.” she tweeted Dec. 26.

We hope Dove takes the time she needs to get well!


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