Get ready to take a walk down memory lane with Dove Cameron! Yep, the former Disney Channel starlet just rewatched some of her most iconic throwback Liv & Maddie scenes AND a music video from her band with Ryan McCartan, The Girl and the Dreamcatcher. Buckle up, guys, because her reaction was everything!

Get this — when viewing a clip from the show’s very first episode, the 24-year-old started mouthing her characters’ lines. That’s right, all these years later and Dove still remembers both Liv and Maddie’s opening interaction!

“Is is painful to watch in the sense that I barely see myself in that anymore,” she explained to Esquire during their “I Hate Watching Myself” interview. “I guess that’s me, but I don’t feel like I’m that person.”

She continued, “That’s so special. What a special time in all of our lives to have chronicled like that. What a special thing to be able to do.”

Then, the actress relived a clip of the song “FroYo Yolo” from the show, and she revealed that when meeting fans, it’s still a moment that she gets asked about. “The impact,” she joked about the fan-favorite song.

“That’s like one of those things that can truly only exist on the Disney Channel,” the blonde beauty stated.

But that’s not all! Dove also checked out the music video for “Written In The Stars,” which she performed alongside her ex Ryan’s band. Despite calling the clip a “tricky one for her to navigate,” she ultimately wished her former flame “well.”

When concluding the video, the songstress took a moment to reflect on her past career as a whole.

“There’s just so much now that I wouldn’t do in the same way that I did then and sometimes I get very afraid because people still see me as that,” the Descendants star said. “I’m still that person, I’m like 24 now. I watch that back and I’m like, ‘Wow that’s a child. That’s really a child.’ I get really clear on the fact that I started my career as a child. I love her though, I remember that girl and I love her.”

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