During a recent interview, Dove Cameron opened up about experiencing multiple losses at 24 years old. The Descendants star spoke out about the death of both her father and close friend Cameron Boyce, and explained how they have impacted her life.

“When someone loses their life, that’s not my loss. He lost his life. I know that that affects me, but I would never take on that loss as my own,” she told Puss Puss Magazine. “I guess I feel that there’s such a deep, great tragedy to being alive in general that it’s sort of everywhere. I feel like once you lose somebody close to you, you can’t really ever un-feel that.”

The actress also defined loss as, “sort of a permanent thumbprint on your heart or like a burn or something like that. It changes your world perspective. I carry those things with me, but for me, the pain lies with that individual person and the life that they should have had.”

For those who missed it, when she was 15 years old, Dove’s dad, Philip Hosterman, passed away. Then, years later, her costar and best friend Cameron died suddenly after having a seizure in his sleep on July 6, 2019. He was only 20 years old at the time of his death.

“To be completely honest, I wake up and it’s the first thing on my mind. It’s constantly in the back of my mind in everything I do. I have to kind of be like, okay, nothing crazy is going to happen today,” the blonde beauty also said. “Like, the other shoes not about to drop, because a big sort of results of chronic trauma and chronic PTSD is that you always think that whatever has happened in the past is about to happen again at any given moment. So I kind of have to get myself out of that space daily by just doing stuff.”

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