It's no secret Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty have tons of chemistry both on and off screen. After all, they met on the set of Descendants 2 and totally fell for each other and their characters' connection was so strong, a scene between them was almost cut entirely from the movie. Since they met working together, everyone wants to know if they will star in another project together and we know that Dove is guest-starring on Thomas' show, The Lodge, but is she making an appearance in his new movie too? Let's get to the bottom of this:

Thomas is currently in Romania filming the upcoming dance flick, High Strung: Free Dance — which is set to be released in 2018 — and now that Dove's schedule has cleared up since she wrapped her run in Mamma Mia! at the Hollywood Bowl, she flew to go see her bae.

The movie's official Twitter account shared tons of cute pics and videos from but one starring Dove and Thomas has us wondering if she's making an appearance in this movie after all.

The two are frolicking hand-in-hand, giving us some freestyle dance moves together and since the tweet is all about them "stealing the scene" together, we're thinking maybe she will be in the movie. Dove even called it "genius" on Twitter too. But upon closer examination, this was definitely in-between takes and the two were just goofing off, having some fun together. Dove did so a little bit of work while she was on set though. She filmed a little shout-out video for Radio Disney hyping up the movie.

So it seems like Dove wasn't there to take part in the movie after all, just be supportive of her boyfriend and visit a cool place while she's at it. We've all seen D2 by now and we know Thomas is one very talented dancer, so it's going to be cool to see him in this new role. Plus, the starlet did already say that as much she enjoyed working with Thomas, she would totally OK if they never professionally work together again.

"We're super in love in and stuff, so I think it would be easy to collaborate with him again. But honestly, professional, personal, he's the love of my life so I'm good not working with again too," Dove said to Access Hollywood.

Well, unless there's a Descendants 3, then she'll have no choice since we know Harry and Mal will for sure be back. But for now, she's happy keeping business and their love lives separate. At least as much as she can.

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