From the looks of it, there’s some bad blood between James Charles and RuPaul’s Drag Race All Star winner Trinity ‘The Tuck’ Taylor. The two ignited a major Twitter feud on Saturday, March 28 after the YouTuber posted that he had “tested positive for having a fat a**” amid the current coronavirus pandemic.

“Fat a**? Girl who diagnosed you? Helen Keller,” the Drag Race alum clapped back.

After that, James fired back with a nasty Twitter post of his own, and he even seemingly alluded to the fact that Trinity didn’t deserve to win on Drag Race.

“D**n, she must’ve mistook the lumpy silicone in your face as Braille instead of reading my actual test results,” the YouTuber said. “My mistake… speaking of mistakes, how’s your crown?”

The drama didn’t end there! In another post, Trinity went on to accuse the influencer of cutting in line at Drag Con to meet her. She also claimed that he asked for free products.

“Awe girl that’s cute. Keep reading doll. I’m not the one who tried to break in people’s lines at Drag Con to meet [you] and ask if [you] can ship me free product for a like and a post. But girl do you!” Trinity replied.

James then slammed the accusations and provided receipts. He posted screenshots of an alleged previous DM conversation with Trinity and as it turned out, the makeup artist asked to pay for the products. He didn’t want it for free, but just needed expedited shipping.

“Is there any way I could PalPal or Venmo you [to] get them like tomorrow or Wednesday,” the alleged messages read.

Upon seeing the screenshots, Trinity said she remembered James “asking in person,” but told him to “go off.”

In an effort to end the exchange, James replied for a final time.

“Haven’t been to Drag Con in over a year,” he explained. “If you’re gonna read me, at least come correct. Not sure why you’re taking this so seriously, I actually really enjoy your work and thought the initial tweet was playful! Wishing you the best.”

Trinity did not respond further.

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