British singer Ed Sheeran just opened up about his body image insecurities. During a recent interview, the 28-year-old credited his 56-pound weight loss as result of receiving negative comments from internet “trolls.”

“Whenever I’ve been big, there’s always online trolls or newspapers or comments,” he told Gary Damer and Dean Smith on an episode of Behind The Medal podcast released on Friday, December 20. “In terms of actual pressure, internal pressure of, like, of record labels being, like, you have to be slimmer, no. The music industry is music first and then image second. I think there’s definitely a lot of external pressures. You kind of get it in your head that you need to look like everyone else. I never once had any insecurities really about myself until people pointed them out.”

Ed detailed his weight-loss and revealed that he slimmed down after getting into running.

“I didn’t run, I didn’t even touch exercise for a long time,” he admitted. “Now, I do, like, 45 minutes in the morning and then maybe have a swim or [do] sit-ups.”

He also told the podcast hosts that other than his music career, he’s been working on health and fitness goals too.

“I think it’s all about training. I think for me it would be doing a 10k first,” he said. Then joked. “I would have to do it somewhere where a lot of people aren’t watching.”

When he’s home, Ed has no issues sticking to his newfound health regimen, but explained that being on tour makes the routine hard to stick to.

“I had to make a real effort on this tour,” the “Shape Of You” crooner explained. “It’s always America that gets me. America in buses. You finish a gig in America [and] you get a tray of chicken wings, sit in the back of the bus, watch The Simpsons, drink a couple bottles of wine. Then that’s every single day so it just piles on you.”

Aside from working out and eating healthy, Ed also said he made other lifestyle changes. Now, he’s officially gone three years without smoking.

“I started just to clean my lungs out,” he told listeners.

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