As much as we’d like to pretend we don’t care about the minor details that go on in Ethan and Grayson Dolan‘s lives, the truth is, we really, really do. We mean, that’s why we all tune in and watch every one of their videos, right? That said, we have some very important news to discuss, and it’s that Ethan just debuted some brand new facial hair in the twins’ latest vid.

We know, we know… how did you NOT hear about this hot gossip sooner? Well, don’t worry, y’all. We’ve got all the details about the 19-year-old’s ‘stache, including how he truly feels about the hairy trend.

Ethan Dolan Mustache

We know what you’re thinking: How did this all begin? Well, if you caught the 25-minute-long video, you already know that the famous YouTube brothers challenged each other to do whatever the other one wanted for a whole 24 hours. Yeah… you can probably see where this is going.

Anyway, when Grayson demanded that Ethan grow a mustache, he simply couldn’t refuse because, well, it was against the rules. Don’t worry, he got his revenge.

“Since I don’t really want to get hair all over my bathroom, can I please shave in your room?” he asked his brother. Of course, the answer had to be yes.

While he was shaving, though, the truth came out about what the internet personality really thinks about mustaches, and to put it simply, he’s not a fan. In fact, he thinks they’re totally creepy. See?

Ethan Dolan Mustache

Well, we didn’t say it — he did!

NGL, we were pretty invested in the whole mustache scenario, but the rest of the video included some pretty unreasonable requests as well. For example, Grayson had to clean Ethan’s room, and then Ethan had to go out in public in a ridiculous outfit (with the mustache, of course) and buy a ton of protein shakes. How embarrassing?!

In the end, the video was supposed to help the brothers argue less, but we’ll be honest… we don’t think it helped much.

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