On Thursday, May 14, Kylie Jenner broke the internet, once again, and this time it was all because of her driver’s license photo. Yep, the makeup mogul took to Instagram and shared a snap of her California license, and fans seriously can’t get enough of the glamorous pic.

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“I love how with everything that’s going on, Kylie Jenner’s license photo is still making it to the top of trending across all social media. What a f**king queen,” one person posted on Twitter after the picture went viral. Another said, “Lemme find out Kylie Jenner brought a whole entire ring light for her driver’s License photo.”

A third questioned, “How can Kylie Jenner have a perfect picture on her driver’s license?”

Fans Are Seriously Obsessed With Kylie Jenner's Glamorous Driver's License Photo

“Boredom level: Kylie Jenner posting her driver’s license pic on Instagram,” someone else wrote.

But not everyone online was as obsessed with the photo! Some even accused the reality star of photoshopping the snap before posting it because, as it turned out, the mom of one apparently shared the same picture on her Instagram Stories back in December 2019, according to a fan account. So now, some haters have compared the two photos and noticed some minor differences between the two.

“Kylie recently re-posted her Driving License photo that she posted back in January except this time she edited it,” an Instagram account called celebglowup alleged alongside a comparison of the two pictures.

For those who don’t know, this photo-editing accusation came just a few weeks after Kylie uploaded a series of bikini selfies, on April 28, that were quickly taken down after followers called her the “worst” at editing photos. After the pics were deleted and replaced, one fan took to Twitter and explained the entire situation.

“Kylie first posted a slide of two Instagram pictures,” the social media user wrote, alongside the different photos. “One of them had clear photoshop, that had me dead, and then fans started noticing and commenting and she deleted it and reposted it with more pictures and cropped out the part that shows clear use of photoshop.”

She has not outwardly addressed the photoshop accusations.

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