Beauty vlogger Jaclyn Hill has found herself in the midst of another scandal. Fans have accused the 29-year-old of “lying” about her brand new Morphe eyeshadow collaboration. Initially Jaclyn claimed that the recently released palette was made with the “exact same formula” as her previous one, but fellow YouTuber Jen Luvs Reviews discovered that the two formulas were actually totally different.

In her video, Jen compared the ingredients from Jaclyn’s 2017 palette to the once she released in 2020. As it turned out, the biggest difference between the two was that the new makeup was made with animal products. Therefore, a product that consumers thought was vegan actually wasn’t vegan at all.

Naturally, some people were upset with this revelation, so they took to social media and called out the makeup artist for not telling the truth. Some even brought up her lipstick scandal from June 2019. For those who missed it, at the time, fans claimed they found hairs, lumps and mold in their lip products.

“It is NOT okay to turn a vegan friendly product not-vegan friendly without disclosing it,” one person tweeted. “There’s ZERO need for animal brands to use animal bi-products or test on animals. Testing or using beings that have zero ability consent is absolutely wrong.”

Another person added, “THIS is why I go after Morphe and Jaclyn the hardest because it’s ALWAYS something.”

Fans Accuse Jaclyn Hill Of Lying About Using A Vegan Eyeshadow Formula

After they saw the backlash online, Morphe responded via Twitter and stated that Jaclyn had not been made aware of the changes to the eyeshadow formula.

“While it is common in the beauty industry to make formula adjustments and improvements to keep up with industry standards, it is not customary to announce them,” the beauty brand wrote before claiming that Jen’s review included incorrect information from their customer service team.

Jaclyn also shared an apology on her own Twitter page.

“I apologize to those of you who can not use the palette due to the fact that it’s not vegan,” she wrote. “Although I am not vegan, I do understand the frustration and I am sorry to those of you.”

Fans Accuse Jaclyn Hill Of Lying About Using A Vegan Eyeshadow Formula

Despite her response, some fans explained that they couldn’t continue to stand behind her because of the “drama” and “lies” surrounding all her makeup launches.

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