Beauty vlogger Jaclyn Hill will not stand for any hate about her family. On Wednesday, March 4, the YouTube star took to social media and slammed a fan who had made a video alleging that her estranged birth father was a “cult leader” and accusing Jaclyn of being a “pathological liar.”

“We need to talk about how Jaclyn Hill’s father is a full on cult leader in Africa, because somehow no one informed me of this, and I just…feel some kind of way,” a Twitter user who also makes YouTube videos under the name CreepShow wrote. “At least her pathological lying makes sense now.”

The 29-year-old makeup artist was quick to respond to these allegations clapping back at the hater and telling them to “mind their d**n business.”

“This is absolutely DISGUSTING!! I refuse to watch this video, but just the title and the thumbnail is so awful. What is wrong with you that you think it’s okay to even speak about my birth father when I haven’t even spoke to him in 10 years,” Jaclyn fired back on Twitter.

Jaclyn Hill Slams Fan Who Made A Video About Her Estranged Dad

She continued in a separate tweet, “I understand that people don’t like me, they think I’m a liar, and they feel as though they can’t trust me. I can’t change that. But seriously, it’s gone too far. People have taken away all the fun on social media and have made it so ugly. I’m truly sick of seeing it every day.”

Jaclyn also admitted that because of all the hate she has received, she’s “close” to deactivating social media and leaving the beauty community for good.

“As bad and as wrong as this sounds, I feel like this isn’t going to stop ’til they break you or at least run you off social media or the beauty community completely,” a fan wrote back to her on Twitter, to which Jaclyn replied, “They are close to achieving that goal.”

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