Some of Tana Mongeau‘s biggest fans are not happy with the way she treated her BFF Imari Stuart during the season finale of her MTV reality show No Filter. Social media users slammed the YouTuber, with some even referring to her as “dramatic,” “insensitive” and a “s**t person” after she didn’t wake up and slept through his medical procedure. For those who missed it, Tana took a trip with Imari back to their hometown of Las Vegas, NV so she could be there while he underwent surgery. But when she overslept and didn’t show up, fans were not happy.

“That last episode of MTV’s No Filter: Tana Mongeau episode was a JOKE. Imari deserves better,” one person wrote on Twitter after the season finale aired. Another said, “If anyone still believes that Tana Mongeau is being ‘edited’ by MTV to look bad after this last episode idk what to say.”

Fans Slam Tana Mongeau's Treatment Of BFF Imari Staurt During ‘No Filter’ Finale

A third claimed, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen Tana Mongeau take accountability for her actions. It’s always some form of manipulation to make everyone think it’s anyone else’s fault but hers. ‘It’s MTV’s editing! Jordan’s so rude! It’s my PTSD from my parents!’ No, you’re just a s**t person.”

As fans know, this season’s finale episode came a few weeks after Tana took to social media and slammed MTV for how they edited the reality show to make it look like she didn’t “care about” her best friends.

“I’d so much rather be hated for saying MTV can chop up 70 hours of footage into a 30 [minute] episode in a way to cause drama or make [people] hate watch the show than go down as a f**king s**t person who doesn’t care about [people] and treats [people] like s**t,” she said on Twitter at the time.

The 21-year-old also opened up in a lengthy YouTube video about her mental health and admitted that she “hated” filming the second season of the show because she was in the “darkest” place of her life. Tana also explained to viewers that she has major regrets about signing on to film the show.

“I hate that I filmed the show at such a bad time, when I wasn’t being nice all the time. I hate who I was at the time shooting the show. I wish that footage wasn’t out there, and I wish I didn’t give anyone the opportunity to edit me like that,” she admitted.

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