Fans were pretty shook back in January when Tana Mongeau took to Twitter and claimed that her Airbnb host had pulled a gun on her during a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. And now, the YouTube star has opened up about exactly what went down inside the house during the most recent episode of her MTV reality series, No Filter: Tana Mongeau.

As it turned out, Tana took a trip to her hometown with BFF Imari Stuart so she could be there while he underwent surgery. After meeting up with his family and having dinner in their rental home, chaos ensued. Both internet stars explained what happened as footage showed the show’s producers frantically getting all of Tana and Imari’s belongings out of the house after the incident occurred.

“We’re sitting down just enjoying our time together… And then I get a phone call. There’s some sort of problem with the rental property, the owner is upset about some noise and then all of a sudden there’s a knock at the door,” Imari explained, with Tana adding, “I opened the door and I’m like ‘Are you the house owner?’ and he goes ‘Shut the f**k up and get the f**k inside.'”

She continued, “We hear the guy start raising his voice at [Imari’s] dad and we walk back down the stairs and we see that he’s taking a gun out of his back waistband … In that moment we were all kind of like we don’t know what this guy’s capable of. We could die right now.”

After they were removed from the house, Tana called her manager Jordan Worona and explained the entire situation. She claimed that although the homeowner had signed a release for them to film No Filter inside the house, he was upset about the cameras and that’s why he pulled out the gun.

“I just don’t understand how you’re going to sign a release form for people to come into your home and film a show and then you’re going to show up mad with a gun about it,” she said. “It’s not even like we were being loud or had h**la people there. It was a family night and it’s 8:00 P.M.”

During a confessional scene during the episode, Tana explained that she learned a lot from the entire incident.

“I feel like I’ve learned in situations like that in life, it’s about safety, it’s about the people that you love it’s about how fragile life is. Let’s all just be safe,” she concluded.

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