The fan-favorite Freeform series Make It or Break It first premiered on June 22, 2009 — and it’s still a total classic!

The show starred Cassandra Scerbo (Lauren), Chelsea Hobbs (Emily), Josie Loren (Kaylie) and Ayla Kell (Jordan) as four elite gymnasts on their journey to the Olympics. After three seasons and 48 episodes, the show came to an end in May 2012. Although there’s no plans for a reboot in the near future, the show’s creator, Holly Sorensen, did talk with MTV in March 2016 and spilled some major tea on the possibility of a Make It or Break It movie.

“[A movie] would have to answer a singular question that was the driving force of the show — who’s going to the Olympics and who’s going to win?” she said at the time. “When it got to the Olympic training center and the central question of the show was not answered, it was disappointing for a lot of fans.”

Holly explained, “My dream was to have [the show] go to the 2012 Olympics. It really seemed like it would’ve been a fun thing to wrap up the show [around], and I had been planning that for the four years,” Sorensen continued. “It would be fun to wrap up every storyline, it would be fun to see what happened in every relationship, it would’ve been fun to just know what happened for sure.”

In the show’s finale, viewers found out that all four girls — Kaylie, Payson, Lauren, and Jordan — make the Olympic team, but because the show ended before the actual events, no one knew what really went down during the athletes’ performances on the mat.

Following the series finale, the stars said goodbye to Make It or Break It for good. But what are they up to now? Well, J-14 decided to do some investigating, and it turns out they’ve all accomplished so much since the show went off the air more than a decade ago! Some of them went on to star in numerous TV shows and movies, while others stepped out of the spotlight to start families of their own. But either way, they’ve all come such a long way.

Click through our gallery to see what the cast of Make It Or Break It is up to now.

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